Our mission

We’re passionate about providing peace of mind for New Zealanders over 50 and their families. Our goal is to deliver a quality, cost-effective insurance product that offers a helping hand when it’s needed most.

Who we are

New Zealand Seniors offers cost-effective financial products that help people protect what’s most important to them. We place our customers at the heart of everything we do by providing trusted products that are simple to use and understand.

We are committed to identifying and developing services and products we believe protect and improve the wellbeing of all senior New Zealanders.

We’re committed to

Providing trust and protection

Your policy is insured by Pinnacle Life, a New Zealand insurer. Pinnacle Life has been operating in the New Zealand market since 1998, so you know you’re backed by a company you can trust.

Being specialised

We’re dedicated to understanding your needs with tailored insurance for New Zealand seniors.

Delivering the best care

We’re always seeking ways to help protect your loved ones with quality product and service that’s cost effective.

Making things simple

Our product is easy to understand and simple to use – making it accessible to people with different needs and circumstances.

How can we help?

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