Why funeral insurance is important

Funeral insurance is a positive step towards financially protecting your loved ones during a difficult time. It can be important consideration for those who want to make sure their family can pay any final expenses they leave behind.

A funeral insurance payout can help make it easy for your loved ones to cover such things as:

  • your funeral service (e.g. burial, cremation, death certificates, flowers, clergy fees)
  • bills or expenses you leave behind
  • immediate mortgage or loan repayments
  • whatever is pressing for your family at the time (e.g. school fees, car loans, groceries).

Who can get funeral insurance?

Anyone can apply for funeral insurance if they’re within a provider’s eligible age range and residency status. New Zealand Residents aged 18–79 are guaranteed acceptance for Seniors Funeral Insurance with no medical or blood tests required to apply.

It doesn’t matter what style of send-off you’re after. Be it donating your body to science, getting cremated or having a traditional funeral – a funeral insurance policy will help you achieve it by paying out your benefit in full to your chosen beneficiary to complete your wishes.

Why consider New Zealand Seniors?

When considering funeral insurance, consider whether you would like a policy that offers flexibility, in case your circumstances change. Here are some features and benefits of Seniors Funeral Insurance:

  • Convenience. It’s quick and easy to secure a policy over the phone, set up a fortnightly or monthly premium payment at no extra cost, and making a claim when the time comes.
  • Flexibility for loved ones. Your family will receive a quick, lump sum payout upon your death to spend as they wish – it’s not just for a funeral service.
  • Bonus Cover – this will increase your cover amount after you reach a certain age, helping you prepare for any new challenges that life might bring. With Seniors Funeral Insurance, you’ll get an additional 25% Bonus Cover added to your cover amount when you turn 85.
  • Ongoing cover at no extra charge – some policies only have payable premiums up to a certain age. After this, you can keep your policy at no further cost. You only need to pay for premiums up until age 85 with Seniors Funeral Insurance.
  • Guaranteed payment at age 100 –Seniors Funeral Insurance pays your full benefit amount plus Bonus Cover when you turn 100. This means your policy will end and you can spend the money freely.
  • Early Cash Out – Option to end your policy and receive 75% of the benefit amount at age 85.

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Everything you need to know about funeral insurance

Considering funeral insurance?

Peace of mind for you and your family

Funeral insurance is a simple way to gain peace of mind. It protects your loved ones during a difficult time – covering funeral costs and other final expenses. It’s quick and easy to secure a policy with no medical or blood tests required. You can also choose the benefit amount (up to $30,000) to ensure your family has enough money to take care of not only your funeral but any unpaid bills, credit cards and other unexpected costs.

Plus, with Seniors Funeral Insurance, you’re also covered for terminal illness and accidental serious injury. This gives you and your loved ones even more ways to prepare for life’s unexpected challenges. Request a quote today.

How can New Zealand Seniors help?

Seniors Funeral Insurance pays a lump sum to your family (up to $30,000) upon your death for them to spend as they require.

Benefits of choosing Seniors Funeral Insurance

Choose a level of cover that suits you

Seniors Funeral Insurance pays a lump sum to your family from $3,000 up to $30,000 upon your death.

Guaranteed acceptance

If you’re a New Zealand resident aged 18 to 79, you’re guaranteed acceptance. No medical screening, complicated paperwork or blood tests required.

Quick payout to your family

Claims are usually paid within 1 business day of all completed documentation being received, so you can be sure your family has the financial help they need with little fuss.

Bonus Cover at age 85

Once you turn 85, you’ll receive an extra 25% Bonus Cover on top of your cover amount, so you can enjoy even more peace of mind for the years ahead.

Cover for terminal illness

Get 100% of your benefit paid if you are diagnosed with a terminal illness, helping you plan your final wishes without financial worries.1

No more premiums after your 85th birthday

From age 85, we’ll stop charging you for your cover so there will be no further premiums to pay.

Level premiums with no annual increase

With Seniors Funeral Insurance, your premiums won’t go up every year, making it easier to budget for the years ahead.2

Triple benefit for accidental death

From the day your policy starts, your loved ones will receive triple your cover amount if your death is the result of an accident.

More control over your policy

Choose a payment frequency that works for you and your budget and list up to 5 different beneficiaries.

Early Cash Out Option

Once you turn 85, you can choose to end your policy and receive 75% of your cover amount paid to you.3

Guaranteed payment at age 100

When you reach 100 years of age, we’ll end your policy and pay you 125% of your cover amount to spend however you wish.

How to get covered

  1. 1 Request a quote

    Just answer a few basic questions about yourself to get started. We’ll get you a quote in minutes.

  2. 2 Choose your cover

    Tailor your policy and choose the level of cover you need.

  3. 3 Get covered

    Enjoy life knowing the people who matter most to you are in safe hands.

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Everything you need to know about funeral insurance

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  1. Cover is for accidental serious injury and accidental death only in the first 12 months. Terminal illness with diagnosis of 12 months or less to live.
  2. There’s no refund of premiums after the cooling off period. The total amount of premiums payable over the life of the policy has the potential to exceed the cover amount.
  3. If you choose the Early Cash Out Option, you’ll no longer be eligible to claim as this option will cancel your policy.

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