Meditation 101: How to master at-home meditation [Infographic]

If you could reduce your stress levels, sleep better, and generally feel great every day in exchange for just 15 minutes of your time, would you do it?

Better yet, what if that 15 minutes of your time didn’t cost a cent and you didn’t need to leave the house (or even get out of your PJs)? 

As the numbers of people meditating around the world has shot up, so have the studies into its benefits. For example, Headspace, one of the world’s most popular meditation apps, shares results of their own studies, stating that meditators saw a 22% increase in focus after just one session, a 32% decrease in stress after 30 days, and a 19% drop in anxiety symptoms after 8 weeks. 

Fortunately, meditation is something you can do anytime, anywhere. If you prefer to meditate in the comfort of your own home, we’ve created a quick and easy infographic to help you get started.  

So get into your comfiest clothes, find a quiet spot (and lock the door), and start taking a moment for yourself every day to see what mental and physical benefits await you. If nothing else, you’ll at least get 15-30 minutes of quiet alone time every day to recharge!  

Meditation 101: How to master at-home meditation [Infographic]