How to get into sports with the grandkids

We all know how important it is to maintain a good exercise routine, as plenty of physical activity can help us steer clear of pesky conditions like heart disease, obesity, and more.

This is why the government recommends plenty of outdoor activity; daily exercise can even boost our immunity! It’s much more fun to think of our fitness as something we want to do because we enjoy it, but sometimes it simply feels good to get outside, get moving, and give the grandkids a run for their (pocket) money.

No matter why you do it, it’s an exceptional way to stay connected with the family and keep the legs moving as well. Here are our suggestions for getting into sports with the grandkids.

The perfect-for-young-kids: Hide and seek

Like many timeless classics, hide and seek never gets old.

This game is ideal for the very young kids who aren’t quite up to more physically demanding sports, and for when you don’t have any equipment on you.

And if you think this children’s game won’t work up a sweat, you’ve never tried to find a good hiding spot before a five-year-old has finished their version of counting down from 20.

The classic: Backyard cricket

Learning to play the New Zealand classic game of backyard cricket is a rite of passage for all young Kiwis, and a point of pride for any grandparent who gets to witness a grandchild’s first home run.

It also provides gentle exercise as you bowl, bat, and run after wayward balls.

The easy-on-the-joints: Swimming

A trip to the beach or the pool is easily a highlight for a young’un’s week, providing a fantastic chance to exercise for you both, and one that’s kind on the joints too.

Getting into the water is one of those activities you can enjoy at any age, and whether you’re swimming laps, throwing around a ball, or seeing who can swim the furthest underwater without taking a breath, it’s a thoroughly fun way to pass the time.

The field-leveller: Egg and spoon races

Kids might have younger legs, but do they have your balance and patience?

Egg and spoon races are the great tortoise-and-hare leveller between grandparents and grandkids. They’ll likely race ahead but drop their egg, allowing you to sneak up with a slow and steady hand.

Prepare for a lot of giggles and even more mess.

The Gen Z: YouTube dances

Who says grandparents can’t be hip?

The kids these days are unbelievably tech savvy, and one of the latest trends is learning and filming viral dance videos and sharing them on video-based social media platforms such as YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok.

The dances are silly, fun, and fantastic for fitness, and neither complicated nor difficult to learn. Kids of all ages can get involved, and you’ll have a hilarious video compilation that you can rewatch and add to every time you see them. Look up the dances for ‘Blinding Lights’ or ‘Kick Drop’ for inspiration! 

Moving forward at your own pace

If you’re confident to get out on the field for a game of rugby, or race around a netball court, more power to you. But keep in mind you don’t need to be as fit as a fiddle in order to enjoy sports with the grandkids. The goal is to get you and them out exercising and enjoying some fun bonding time, so keep the focus on the fun, and the fitness will soon follow.